5 Beauty hacks with a toothbrush

So here's 5 beauty hacks to do with your toothbrush :

Helps you pull off the perfect classic red lips look.
1- Exfoliate your lips: use honey or olive oil with brown sugar to exfoliate your lips and remove dead skin and flex, So you will get the smooth lips that are crucial for wearing a bold lipstick.

Help you put your brows in place all day long. 
2-Comb your brows: make sure every hair in place all day long by spraying the brush with a hair spray and comb your brows to set them.

Helps you get the sleek look of a great ponytail or a bun.
3-Tame flyways: again, You can spray the brush with a Hairspray and comb the baby hair away, And it sets them in place all day.

Helps you do the perfect manicure /pedicure at home.
4: Get rid of yellow nails: you can use lemon juice or make a paste by mixing baking soda with a little water and brush the yellowness out of your nails, then rinse with water.

Helps you get the perfect volume in your hair.
5: Tease your hair: use to tease the hair with the toothbrush just like you would with a regular teasing brush, and because its small you can be more precise.

Hope you enjoyed,XOXO.


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