here is how to bleach your eyebrows
without bleach, for the summer, to lighten them to match your hair color.
all you will need is




start by prepping your brows and wipe them with the wipes to get them wet,

Then take your q-tip and dip it into the oxygen cream

Take a small amount

and put it on your brows,
be careful not to let it get into your eyes
make sure you are covering all the hair to get an even result.
if you get the cream around the brows and touching the skin you can use a clean q-tip to clean this area.

you need to let it set for about 10-15 minute ,then remove the cream with wipes.

if you want a lighter result you can repeat the process one or 2 times more

and that is it.

(please read the disclaimer below before
you try this)


a few things to bare in mind:
i have been using this method for a long time,

it's easy and convenient to do at your home,
and it saves you a lot of money,
(it can get up to 10$ or more at a salon for
a single visit for almost exactly
the same results)
it's less irritating for your eyes than the
kits you can buy.
*do not mix the developer with color or bleaching powder or anything else

*do not use a higher developer more
 than 10 vol.
it can irritate and damage your eyes.

*be very careful not to let in get in your eyes.

*use a cream developer not liquid so it will stay better on your eyebrows and
the consistency won't be too runny.

*if you have a sensitive skin put it first for 5 minutes to see how your
skin will react and only use the process
once for the first day.

* you can dilute the developer with a small amount of water before applying it,
 but don't make the consistency too runny

  *if you repeat the process, wet the
eyebrows with the wipe every time ,so it
will work better.

 *to remove, always use the wipes first, if you feel like there is more left then you can rinse with water, don’t rinse the developer before using the wipes first because when you rinsing it can get in your eyes.

 *i would suggest if you are trying it for the first time, don't apply it more than 2 times, so you can get used to it

 *the results last between a week or two, depending on your hair growth and natural hair color.
 you can visit my youtube channel for the tutorial

hope you find it useful xoxo


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