Foundation review


Hi lovelies
Today I'm going to review several makeup products for you,
I've picked up high end brands and drugstore as well,So you can choose. According to your budget.
For optimal results, bare in mind that each company has the makeup for at least 2 types of skin
Oily or dry so  can choose the right one for you:

*Clinique Foundation
I have tried most of their foundation types, including the
“Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer”.
I find it a bit heavy and cakey
As for their other foundations like anti blemish and laser focus etc..
I always feel like there is something missing in their formulas,
Either too heavy or oily or too liquidy
In general, I don’t like their foundations,
I think they make a great skincare line though.
2/5 stars.

Again ,I have tried most of their makeup line and I like them more than the Clinique ones
Because it lasts longer, feels natural on your skin and gives you a great coverage
4/5 stars.

*Estée lauder double wear
Also a great product, it can get a bit heavy for some people or too heavy to wear on a sunny day,
But overall it does give you coverage, if you want a lighter version for daytime you can use their BB cream, but it’s less coverage.
4/5 stars.

*Decleor BB cream
It’s more of a creamy consistency; it gives you a medium cover,
But it’s great to use during the day.
3/5 stars.

*Revlon color stay
Great coverage, a nice cheaper alternative to this high end brand,
It can be too heavy though for some people,
But you can use it day or night

*Rimmel foundation
Like the Revlon one, great coverage nice on your skin
4/5 stars.

*Bourjois  healtymix  serum
It’s a very nice foundation as well,
Gives you nice coverage and feels light on your skin .
4/5 stars.

L’Oréal/ Maybelline-foundations
I don’t like their foundations at all
I’ve tried several types, but I think you get a poor coverage and it doesn’t last.
You can get a better foundation for the same money from other brands.
But they do make the best mascaras ever and great lipsticks though.
2/5 stars.

Hope you find this post useful, and remember to always buy the right
Foundation  For your skin type and to match it exactly to your skin color.



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