Genius ONE MINUTE DIY -get the most out of your product

Hi lovelies
here's another easy diy for you that will save you tons of money.
you will be surprised how much product you wasted over the years, and didn't use it to the fullest.
all those times you thought that you couldn't squeeze any more product out of your tube and thrown it away.
it's even a better method than using these tube clips squeezers that you can buy because this is free and you can use it anytime, anywhere like when you travel and you use up all the product  and get stuck and need to use the last drop of it,
Before you go out and buy a new one, you can try this:
Ok, so all you need to do to get all your money's worth is just  cute 
The tube in half  

I know right?
see how much is still left in there 
you can easily get 3 to 4 if not more uses out of it 

when your done just put the "lid" back on to keep it fresh. 

hope you find it useful ,enjoy


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