pinksdiy-belts/jewelry hanger

Hi lovelies
Here is an easy and simple DIY to help you organize
Your belts and jewelry.
You will need only 2 things:
A thin clothes hanger

Some Laundry pins (preferably small ones,
If you want to hang thin belts)

So all you do is clip  as many  pins as you like
On the hanger and that's it 

So simple

Seriously, it's the best way to organize belts that I've found.
You can see all the variety you have and pick exactly
Which one you need to compliment your outfit.
It's so easy to put back into place after you use them. 
It keeps them in shape without ruining them,
And they don't lose their shape like if you would roll them
And put in a basket or a drawer.
You can save so much space in your closet
Because you can just hang the hanger with the rest of your clothes.
I like to hang mine either to the far left or far right of the rack,
The first or end side of the rack, but not in between the clothes. 
You can make one for thin belts and one for thicker belts, 
And you can be creative with the pin colors. 
Another way you can use this method is to organize your jewelry, 
For necklaces you do exactly the same, 
But if you want to use it for bracelets all you need to do is stack you bracelet to the side of the hanger and then use just one pin
To secure at the end.

To maximize the storage space, you can double the amount of belts you can hang 
by hanging them on both sides of the pin (front and back of the hanger).

Hope you find it useful and enjoy making them. 


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