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TODAY I will review two self tanners

Sublime Bronze Tinted Self Tanning Lotion



Self Tanning Instant Gel

ok, so summer is here and it's almost essential to look tan and glowing,and we all know how much tanning in the sun is bad for you so i've decided to try some self bronzing products.first of let's talk about l'oreal -sublime bronze tinted tanning lotion

it's the cheapest of the two,when you first apply it you can't ignore the strong smell,  i've used a tanning glove (from another company )to apply it,because it's a lotion it's very hydrating for you skin, so you don't need to use any other body lotion,and you do need to wait a couple of minutes for it to dry ,i've tried it a couple of times and every time I got streaks, blotches or uneven color .I exfoliated before and still I didn't got the even application that I was going for,and the awful smell  was still there all day long,so I'm not very happy with this product. the only thing I did  liked about it is the hydration that it gives for your skin.I give it 2/5 stars.

I also tried the clarins- self tanning instant gel

(it's a bit more expensive product than the l'oreal one but you can always wait for it to go on sell or search for a
coupon code on line )I also apply it with the glove, it's a clear gel consistency(like vaseline) so when you apply it you can't really see where you applying but you see a sheer glow so you can  still work with it ,there is a smell to it but not half as strong as the l'oreal one,when you first apply it you don't see a color but after a couple of hours your skin will get darker,you do need to wait a couple of minute for it dry as well.after a couple of hours I got a very light and natural even bronzing skin and not blotchy at all ,you can build the color day after day to get the level of color that you want. I think because it's a gel consistency it doesn't "move" as much on your skin and sink in better to it ,that's way it doesn't blotch I guess. I will give it 4/5 stars

 *both products says that it's good for your face as well, I haven't try them on my face so I can't review that, but if you have a sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend that you put it on your face.

*both products can stain your clothes or bed sheets so be careful especially with whites. if you can, shower again lightly without exploiting after the color done developing so you don't stain anything.

 *always remember before you put any self tanner on to prep your skin correctly: remove any excess hair by shaving/waxing (best to do it a day before ) and exfoliate your skin (the day of ) in the shower before you apply the tanner.wait until your skin is dry after the shower, use a tanning glove to get an even application and rub it with circular motion and try not to miss any areas and especially feet  ,elbows and knees (if you have very dry skin it those areas you can mix a little bit of  body lotion or body oil to these spots  only with the tanner. wait for the tanning to dry before you put your clothes on. take into consideration that the color needs time to develop and you might need to put on a second coat the day after,so if you have a big event you need to think about that as well.

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 hope you  find this post helpful. xoxo


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