How to meal prep part 1/3

Hi Lovelies
Today we gonna learn how to meal prep efficiently

how to save money and time and eat healthy but still enjoy food 

part one 

1-shopping list

*before you go out to the market and buying products,take a look at your fridge and cupboard
a lot of time we think we need to buy the same things each week but sometimes we find that we have a lot of left over that we can still use for at least a couple of days so it's a shame to waste it
and we can get creative, and get inspire to think or new recipes to make with these combinations of left over.

if you see something that it's about to run out
before you put an item on the list
ask yourself:
do I have an alternative item already that I can use for now ?
can I "stretch" not buying it for another week ?

*try to buy as much healthy products as you can, so that you don't have tempting "bad" food around in your house ,and even if you are in the mood for a tub of chocolate ice cream you won't have a choice and you will eat fresh fruit or sweet dates or a diet dairy pudding or any other healthy option instead.
you shouldn't avoid buying snacks and chocolate completely tho, just try to buy them in smaller packages and not as much, a lot of time the craving can be satisfied just with a small amount of something sweet, my favorite is Chocolate covered orange peel that you can buy for cheap (or make it yourself ).

*don't be tempted to buy all things on sell because in the end you spend more money and get stuck with food and fill the pressure to eat more then you need. 

*do buy in bulk thing that you buy regularly and are healthy and that you can store /fridge for along time. 

*if you can, try to get to know and visit as much stores around your area as you can
not only it will open up your mind to know different types of food and recipes ideas ,but after awhile you will have a sense which store you can get each product in the most cheapest price ,and its more fun going do a different store each time instead of going to the same one week after week.

*try to use and combine coupons as much as you can ,search on apps and online ,etc....

 *and of course you must know this by now, but this is two key things to follow:
never go without a list (and stick to it ) and never go shopping hungry or angry :)

*try "displaying"as much healthy food around you kitchen ,if you see fresh fruits lying around on your counter it's more likely you will be tempted to eat them or make a smoothie,
than to grab other snacks ,and you always  know  when they are going to go bad ,so you'll have a chance to eat them before ,that's being said ,some fruits are better to keep in the fridge because they can last longer and you'll get the most use of them,  but still try keeping them on sight like on the top shelf not hiding behind other food and ,washed/cut/easy to grab .

on my next post I will talk more about this subject and get deeper into the actual meal prep  project. 



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