Style of the week

Hi lovelies
here are some celebs outfits from the past week

I think that Cara Delevingne tried to look unique with the kimono Japanese style look,
but I don't thing it goes well with the skirt ,maybe if the skirt was red it would have looked better
or maybe some white or black shorts would have worked more with this look ,and I really don't like the massive strings hanging out from the belt, it doesn't add any style to the look .
I love her makeup tho .
love the color of the outfit and the opening of the shirt ,but I think the 
long skirt is very maturing  for her .

I love her hair color ,but she is
trying WAY to hard to look sexy in this outfit ,
that it become un sexy .
if she wasn't wearing underwear and a jacket (that she probably took it off as the night progress )
she would be literally naked .
there is no sense of style what so ever in this outfit ,
just a piece of sheer fabric wrapped around her waist

I think these girls are beautiful but in this picture they are all have something in common, for this looks they are all get it right for the upper half of the outfit ,but way wrong in the bottom half .


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