Hi Lovelies
Recently I organized my closet and my wardrobe,
I've gone through all my clothes and decided what to keep and what to donate/sell/throw away,
so I thought I would share my experience and tips on this subject with a mini series of posts.

part 1

deep cleaning

I would recommend to do a deep cleaning in your wardrobe at least 2 times a year,not only you will stay up to date and be more fashionable with the clothes you keep and get an organized closet that easy to find and clothes that you will  actually wear and use,
you will also always know what stuff you have and what you need or don't need to buy when you go to the shops so it saves you money and time.

step 1
make time

dedicate a full day or two depending on the amount of clothes you have and when you last did it and how much "clutter" you have,
so do this when you have a day off so you will have a lot of time to finish and you won't get stress to hurry things up ,and don't schedule anything on that day.

*try to eliminate any distractions ,like your phone ,so you will be more focus and finish quickly and don't get distracted by instagram and twitter.

*if you have someone who can help you, that's even greater like a friend or your mom or sister.

*put music or listen to audio book in the background to make it more productive and enjoyable task.

*have some water and snacks ready so you don't have will have enough energy

*prepare some extra hangers and if you have the cheap wire one's or some broken ones I would recommend to replace them all to the skinny velvet hangers that don't snug on your clothes and give you a good grip ,and the closet will look more uniform if you have the same set of hangers ,and it doesn't have to by so expensive you can get a pack of ten in the dollar store.

*have some bin or trash bags labeled and  ready
don't/keep/store/give to a friend/sell/throw away/fix alter or diy

you can start with the basic 2  (keep/trash) and add categories as you go.

*before my sorting day I also decided that I want to change the way my clothes where hanging and placed in the closet, so that it will be more easy to grab
so you might need to do some minor diy to your closet
if your unhappy with the way your closet is built and you may  need to add  more drawer or shelves or install a hanging rack
so you may need to buy and prepare them to install it when your closet is empty.
you may need some small and big  baskets as well
or maybe you want to install a  big mirror .
I suggest to look at your closet before you start and see
what is not working right now and what you want to change
and even drew it on a paper to see what it will look like

step 2
get everything out

and I do mean everything out ,put in on your bed or floor
but if you have more than one closet in your room or a closet and a clothing rack or an extra storage unit
do only one unit at a time.
you don't want to get your clothes from 2/3 places and have a huge mess.

if you have a big walk in closet than you can do it by sections
but the point is whatever section you working on start fresh and clean and get everything out .

clean the empty rack drawer or shelves with water and soap/wipes

step 3
start the sorting process
("make a keep pile")

before you start the "keep pile" make sure you find a small empty space on your bed or floor that you can put your keep pile but make enough room that you put it in small types piles,
pants/shirts/ dress/ etc...
that way if you decide to keep 5 black dress you can immediately
see that you kept 5 similar items
and than can decide to eliminate even more and keep only 2,
if you have just a huge pile of keep you won't be able to do that,
(the other pile types fix/don't/throw/give/etc.. you don't need to section )
you also need to decide if you want to store your seasonal clothes or keep them in your closets.
I keep them in to the side because I can still use like a nice shirt for summer dress in the winter
and wear it with a long sleeves shirt on top.

before you put the clothes in your keep pile
take each piece by hand  look at it and ask yourself :
do I really wear this ?
if  I saw it now on the store would i buy it ????
is it my style?
do I have anything to combine with that?
do I love it?
is it in good quality?
does it fit and is it comfortable?
if the answer is yes
then put in a keep pile by type
after you done sorting out all you clothes
put all the other piles to the side or another room
and you now ready to move into the next step

step 4
organizing the closet space

so here is what I found works best for me


all my dress
all my shirts (not home wear)

small basket/drawer

bras (sort it like victoria secret stores)
Panty Hose
home wear /sleep wear


I try to avoid organizing by shelf
because i find it's get messy after a while
so what I like to do is
buy some large /medium depth baskets
and I put like 3 on each shelf
and label them and then I can put
my tights/ jeans and pants/ skirts
I like to fold them upward
instead of stacking them
(check the link to see what I mean )


so I can pull one without messing and see all of them
and they don't lose their shape.
on the doors of my closet (the inside)
I put some hooks or an over the door hanger
and hang my thin wrap cardigans.
you can really maximize your closet space to the fullest
in a couple simple steps.
*for an easy simple belts and jewelry diy that I made that you can hang in your closet to save space
you can check


on my next post I will share my top tips
on buying new clothes to add to your new wardrobe that can save you time and money
*if you have any comments or questions you can post them below


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