Meal prep 101 part 3/3

Hi Lovelies
Meal prep 101 part 3/3   
Meal prep 101 part 3    

Ok so now you knew all the tips and tricks to buy smart and save money
So what should you do when you get home from the groceries shop?
Well the first thing you should do is wash all the the product and cut the fruits and vegetable so they will be ready to eat and easy to grab when you need them and you don’t have an excuse not to grab something healthy.
I know if you have a big family you may not have the energy to cut and wash a large amount of products
But at least try to prep enough serving for the next day or two.
*if you have some specific products that go bad and get wasted all the time try to look online specific method to store them to extend the shelf life.

For example
I always used to throw out bread and bananas because I didn't get to eat all of it before they get bad,
So I just starting freezing the Whole bread (sliced)as soon as I buy it,
And when I need a slice I just heat it for 5 sec on the microwave
Or if I know that I will need it I put 2/3 slices in a different bag in the fridge so this way I use all the bread and it s never goes bad And for the banana Also I peel them and freeze the Whole or slice to big chunk and put it in container or a zipper bag
and freeze it ,but be sure to put them in 1 even layer one next to the other so you don’t have a big frozen chunk
and you can easy grab 1 piece.
for cucumbers and tomatoes I wash them and observe all the water with the towel
and then I put two layers of paper towel in a basket put first layer of tomatoes put another two layers of paper towel and the layer of cucumbers and keep it in the fridge
it last for 2 weeks !!!

*you should also put all the other stuff in the cupboard and their storage place
And if you see like a half pack of something “old”
Get it out of the cupboard and put in visible so you remember to use it
I have a small basket on my counter that I put all the open packages and products that's about to go bad, that I will remember to use them first
So they won’t go bad and I check every morning what left in their to combine as much of them with my meals of the day]

*so before you start to cook the meal for the week you need to have in mind (or a list )
How many meal you actually need for a week
Some people prefer to meal prep twice a week and not a huge amount of food in one day
Either way you need to know how much you and your family eat and
You need to think about it and imagine all the meals you eat in a day
Usually: 1 breakfast 1 lunch some snacks 1 dinner per a person,
And then start to eliminate what you don't need to prep,

for example ,
I don’t eat breakfast only coffee with 2/3 small cookies
but even when i did, i usually eat a yogurt with some crackers/cereal/fruits, so no prep.
I usually eat two main meals
Lunch and dinner
But usually they contains a lot of salads
So I always prefer a big amount of salad in a big bowl that I keep covered in the fridge so I
Can always have it ready (I usually make for two days in advance so about 4 x serving )
And I always try to have eggs so that just another big part of my meals( dinner and lunch) that I don’t need to really prepare for, maybe just boil a few at  once.
But I usually eat scrambled or an omelet
Now ,I am a vegetarian so again most of my meals contains all sort of cheese, (no need to prep )
And for lunch I often eat simple sandwiches so again no need to prep

So I usually need to prep one “hot”
Meal a day, so I will cook once a week a big pot of  pasta like 4/5 servings,
I leave in without any sauce, so depending on what I feel I just mix it up with any
Sauce that I like and not have the same exact dish every day
My main source
Oil and lemon juice –so simple
or Any type of cheese that I just have laying around
or tomato sauce
The I have in a ready jar(bought or homemade)

I always make at least two type of cooked food so I will have options So I will also make either 4 serving of plain rice or quinoa etc…
Again I prefer making it plain and then adding stuff every meal,
So now I have 8 /9 Hot meal 1 for every day of the week
And 1 or two spare for guests or just for next week
I always put them in individual plastic container, half of cup serving,
If you can, find the most cheapest plastic container so you can use that because you can just throw it away and not wash it
(it's such a hassle to wash all those plastic container)

I also try to always have either mixed cooked vegetables as a side dishes or an easy alternative ,have a few of sorted cans or frozen vegetables like peas carrots chickpeas snow peas broccoli beans
so you can always mix with anything to upgrade your meals and make it more filling and healthy
and again no prep needed because you can just heat the amount you want in the microwave and store in the freezer or freeze the rest of the bag/cans

*if you make chicken cutlets of any kind of meat or if you buy pack take the time when you
prep the rest of the food to store each piece of cutlet or chicken wings or what ever in a small separate bag
to make it ready for 1 serving and easy to grab for work or something
(do this with any kind of snacks also open the big bag of chips and divide it to several small bags )

for snacks I always have ready to eat fruits /vegetable
Energy bars or yogurt or popcorn or
mix nuts.
so ,meal prep don’t have to be complicated if you plan all the factors before
and make it a habit
it saves a lot of money and make you eat more healthy and eat less snacks.
if you have any comment /question feel free to leave it down below XOXO


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