meal prep 101 project | part 2/3

meal prep 101 project | part 2/3
Hi Lovelies
So this is part two of my meal prep project 

2-eating habits

*make it a habit to eat only when you are hungry and stop eating when you fill full ,I know this isn't easy at first but after a while you'll get used to it ,not only you'll lose weight will be more healthy and you'll save money.
if you start filling full in the middle of a meal and you afraid to stop because you don't want to waste it, just put it in the fridge to eat later ,depending on the food types ,some you can store the whole plate (covered) in the fridge to just eat it later ,maybe for dinner or you can even put each product in a different small container so you can eat later separately on different meals ,even if it's let's say one piece of cheese or a slice of bread don't eat it if you are really fill full enough, just put it in a container or a plastic bag in the fridge and you can even eat it as a snack  a couple of hours later but the most important thing is that you don't overeat in the moment so that you can digest better and don't overload your stomach.
you'll be surprised how much this will change your life ,ever since i started doing it i get more creative with my meal combustion because of the left over and i don't eat as much so i lost weight and saved a lot of money .

*don't eat your emotions ,I know this is sooo hard but it's so unhealthy for your body and mind.
really make an effort to not make food a cure to fill the void of other problems in your life.
and don't eat because you are bored there are a lot of other thing you can do to make you fill good or past your time ,million of things but food isn't one of them.

 *sometimes you are just thirsty and not hungry so if you know you recently eat and you still have a desire try drinking some cold refreshing water with lemon or mint or if you are craving something sweet try fruity sweet tea or even a glass of diet coke might help to satisfy your needs without eating a full snack, and it's good to keep your skin hydrated.

*Try to be creative and vary from time to time with new flavors and combinations.

whenever I have a some left over or some products that is about to run out i try to mix them together to try a new combination of flavors and i also noticed that when i make a plate with a small amount of different products mix together let's say a plate with a handful of nuts ,2 slices of cheese ,a few slices of fruit and a few slices of vegetable,jam on the side and some olives ,(crazy combination i know), but when i eat mix and have a few bite of different flavors as meal i feel more full then when i eat a regular classic plate like rice and chicken, because of the variety of textures and different flavors(sweet,sour ,salty ..)its tricking the body to think that we eat more then we actually eating because it seems like we eat a few different courses.

*Try to incorporate as many vegetables at a meal or as a side dish (salad) or as a substitute for bread, it's also more satisfying and nutritious and healthier .

*Try replacing one meal a day with a smoothie or mono meal ( when you eat only 1 type of food and you do not do any kind of food combining usually one type of fruit ,3/4 mango , for example) if not once a day, at least 2 or 3 times a week, it is very healthy and good for your digestive system and help to lose weight.
in a smoothie always add at least 1 vegetable that you wouldn't normally eat ,like spinach or celery .

next post I will talk about the actual meal prep process and give you more tips .


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