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Here is my  personal opinion on the red carpet fashion looks @ MTV's 2015 VMAs :

Miley Cyrus

Ok ,so it was kind of expected that she would show up topless and wear some ridiculous outfit and not wear something tasteful (and stick out her tongue 24/7) but this look doesn't even look very comfortable I feel like this girl is walking around topless even in her day to day life,first she was trying to be madonna and now he's trying to be lady gaga,she thinks she's "original" but she's completely the opposite

Taylor Swift

I guess she was trying to look casual but still glam, so she decided to wear
sweatpants and a matching top with sequins to a red carpet event .
surprisingly this look is one of her best looks that she wore so far, and I love the pattern ,I think she wore way too match black eyeliner tho ,it's almost looked like a costume, all the look together (disney-princess Jasmine Outfit comes to mind ).
I think that the length of the pants is off by a few inches ,it could have worked better if it was   capri pants that covering  knees ,with that top especially to balance the long sleeves and the full on sequins.
or if she was wearing a black top with the long length pants but it should hit exactly at her ankles,and not leave that awkward length gap. I love that she matched her shoes to the outfit ,that really pulled the outfit together.

Tori Kelly 

The outfit is cute but it  looks like she's going to a regular club and not a red carpet event.

Kim Kardashian West
One of the most ugliest outfit I have ever seen ,from the color choice
(khaki,really?) to the cut itself ,just proves that no matter how much many you have you can't buy a fashion taste .

Justin Bieber

I like this look on him ,I like the leather jacket with the button up shirt and jeans. I think it's exactly the right balance for him and also "age appropriate"

Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams

Cute couple look,super cool choice,one of the best denim on denim looks I've ever  seen (love the overall denim on the denim shirt) such a fresh and unique look ,not many artists would of thought on this combination.

Prince Royce

Love love love the "white on white"  texture mixture look, on a man especially,
so fresh.

Emily Ratajkowski


Chrissy Teigen

Love this look on her ,it's sexy and playful but not trashy and the black color and the length of the dress keeps its classy.
and the shoes are PERFECT for the dress .

Nick Jonas

Love this look on him ,edgy cool and classy.

other looks :

Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Kourtney Kardashian
Rebel Wilson
Jeremy Scott
FKA Twigs

too much for this kind of ceremony (comparing to what the other was wearing)
Vanessa Hudgens
Lily Aldridge
Gigi Hadid
Rita Ora (love the dress tho)

In conclusion,
I think this year the men has won big time in fashion and style category
I really didn't feel like any of the girls wore something special and amazing
most of the looks were average.
this year is very disappointed fashion wise I think,I get it that there was some sort of a theme for the show (cartoon /LGBT /halloween or whatever ) and that the vma is not so conservative like the grammy or something,
but still ,I miss the days that you can really draw fashion inspiration from the red carpet.
*this post is my own opinion based on my personal fashion sense.
it does not reflect any opinion on the artist itself ,it's only my opinion on that particular outfit.

For picture visit :
check out their great articles about this event .


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