3 Steps To Get The "Closet Of Your Dreams"

Hi Lovelies

Ever thought how can I shop smarter?
we have all been there ,going to the mall
just to look what is new or to buy a particular item or just to hang out
and we end up buying every item on sale and never wear it.
or have an entire closet full of clothes that's not reflect
your style and just "blah".
now ask yourself
how do you feel every time you open your closet?
do you feel you can make a full stylish outfit in seconds?
do you have all the basics ?and the right quantity of them ?
here are 3 steps to get the "closet of your dreams"

Before you start
know your style
are you comfortable with the clothes you have now ?
do you feel they reflect your style and "who you are"?
if every time you see other women wearing clothes that you admire and you
can't duplicate a similar style with the clothes you currently have,
or when your on pinterest or a fashion blog and you love and save all those pictures
but you don't have anything similar in your closet
you need to change the way you buy your clothes.
so you first you need to recognize your desire style

is it minimalist /European/sophisticated /mono /etc?
then with that thought in mind.........

First step

 Take mental "inventory of your stuff".
first thing you need to do is go through each category of your closet and
take notice of what you need and what you have excessively and write down your notes.
for example if you see you have 4 yellow shirts you can write
"no more yellow shirts"

if you recognize you don't have any button white basic shirt for example
write "buy a good quality white shirt with buttons"

the point is not to write all the items you have but recognize the key items
that missing in your closet ,to be the kind of wardrobe that you want,
so you know exactly what is missing and be more focus in buying them.

We all have a tendency to buy the same style over and over again,
but sometimes we need to think what is missing to tie all the clothes together
or what style is missing .

So after you have a basic list of what is missing in your closet to tie all the things
 you already have,you need to think if you can find the type of the item you have in mind
in the same 3-4 stores you usually go to,because a lot of times we only go to the main stream
stores that all have a similar style and you never get the same effect that you're looking for.
all the real fashionable complete looks never comes from one store,
it's always better to mix Pieces from different stores ,so try to explore small boutiques
or concept stores that fit your desire style.

Step two

Buy only good quality clothes.

If you afraid that it will cost you more money,
think about the amount you spent right now on clothes that you don't feel comfortable wearing
 or that is missing something,yeah you can buy 5 shirts at a price of one good quality item but
 you get more wear from the one item because you enjoy wearing it.
and you can always keep an eye if the store offers sales or search online for deals but don't compromise on the quality and the style you decided to go with .

Step three

 Be a picky shopper

Before you actually buy the item always try it on.
you never know just by looking at it how it will actually look on you, and if it feels good
to wear it without trying it on.
a lot of clothes ,even the designer ones can feel itchy or hot  or simply uncomfortable to wear.

As you look at yourself in the mirror ask yourself :

*Is it the style I'm trying to achieve ?(if not ,don't buy it).

* Do I have anything similar in my closet?(if yes ,don't buy it).
 except if it's like very very basic piece that you wear everyday and have only one in your closet and you need a similar one to Alternative.

*Is it good quality?(if not ,don't buy it).

*Is it my size?/does it really fit me perfectly ?(if not ,don't buy it)

*Is it"high maintenance" piece? do I need to iron it every time or sent it to a dry cleaner ?
if you usually do not iron or know that after one or two wear the fabric won't keep it's shape
don't buy it.

*Is it comfortable ?can I move /sit wear it all day and function without it irritating me ?
(if not ,don't buy it).

*How many times will I actually wear it? is it a practical piece for my lifestyle ?
(if not ,don't buy it).

*If I buy it in a different color will it spice up my closet more ?
(but buy a color that you actually feel comfortable to wear ).

*If it's on sale, ask yourself if it's the only reason you're buying it ?
(if yes ,don't buy it).

*****if you're not sure about a piece ask yourself:
If I buy it will it tie some of my clothes together?

If you follow those simple steps, over time you'll get the kind of wardrobe you want ,you will save a lot of money as well and every time you'll open your closet you will have a lot of fashionable options to choose from, and you'll always look and feel great.

On my next post I will list the basic classic items that every woman "have" to have in her closet .

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go and read it now to get the ultimate "Dream closet " experience

If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them down below.



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