Hi Lovelies

I think there were definitely some hits on the red carpet this year
the overall feel of the fashion was classy and elegant
love that most actress were color dress and not black
and some brave actress even showed up with white and looked stunning
so here's a recap of some of the dresses.

Liked it

                                                     The modern family girls killed it !
                                                  Ariel Winter

Love the red with her black hair
looks so classy. 
Sarah Hyland

                                She looked stunning in this dress ,sexy but not revealing.
                                              Jamie Lee Curtis

Looked gorgeous
the perfect dress to show her figure.
Tracey Edmonds

I love the all white goddess look of these two dresses.

Nancy O'Dell


Renée Bargh

Awesome combination, the color ,the neck line
and the black high lace up shoes
very sexy and sophisticated.

Christine Marzano

Definitely the sexiest dress of the evening,
but again still keeping it elegant and not trashy.
love the unique color
I think the color made a huge difference with the feel of the look.

Didn't liked it 

Emily Robinson

It looked like a curtain or a bed sheet
that she just wrapped around her.
with no figure or shape to it
and I think the neck line at least could have been more open
and I also didn't like the weird bottom.
she is a beautiful girl
why wear something that is aging you so much ?

Laura Prepon

Love the color but hate the shoulder part,
not only the color is clashing
it really don't add anything to dress.
and I hate the bottom part,
the dress could have look so much better if it were regular knee length skirt
I think she was trying to be sophisticated with that dress but didn't achieve it.

Heidi Klum

I love her
she is so gorgeous and have a great fashion sense
but I didn't understand this dress.
it looks like they didn't finish sewing it and the fabric is falling apart
the sleeves are awful
and the train is unnecessary
love the color tho.
Jaimie Alexander
Didn't like the color combination
and it's too conservative
it would have looked so much better if it was sleeveless.

Hope you liked my review
if you have any comment leave them below.

(pictures emmys.com)

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*this post is my own opinion based on my personal fashion sense.
it does not reflect any opinion on the actor itself ,it's only my opinion on that particular outfit.


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