How to apply face creams,the right way .

Hi Lovelies

So here is a quick tip for you on how to apply creams on your face .
after I wash my face and use a toner,I like to apply
a spot treatment (if needed) using only my Pinky ,
then I apply serum all over the face using my index and middle fingers together
using an upward motion,
and tap it around my eye area using only my middle finger ,
then apply eye cream using my ring finger
gently tapping it on.
wait about a minute to let it sink in.
after that, I use my middle finger and my index finger together to apply
the moisturizer over the serum,again using an upward motion.
(you can use the fingers on your other hand if you feel like there is still serum left on your fingers if you used a thick serum ,usually because the serum is very thin consistency it will evaporated by now so I use the same hand)
to finish, I like to "massage "in any excess cream that I have on my hand on to my neck
using all of my fingers together.
It might sound strange doing it this way but I feel like I get more of a "clean "job,
by not using the same two fingers over and over again on all my creams and not "mixing " them.
and especially on the eye area, I feel like the ring finger not to aggressive for that delicate area.
let me know what do you think about this method if you try it,
leave me a comment down below.
hope you enjoyed this quick tip.


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